Fee Payments with KDA

XPort Lab
2 min readJan 26, 2024

Our commitment to innovation on KleverChain is unwavering. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil XPort Hub, featuring integrated fee payments using KDA!

KDA (Klever Digital Asset)

How It Works:
To use KDA for fee payments, the token issuer sets up a KDA pool, activating and determining the cost of KDA (in KLV) for fees. Token holders simply enable the KDA payment option in the app, and all transaction fees are seamlessly exchanged for KLD in the KDA token pool at the issuer’s set rate. Once activated, any KDA holder can use it to pay fees within the KleverChain network.

Try It Out Now:
If your KDA asset supports this tech and its issuer updates the KDA pool, you can now pay network fees on KleverChain with your KDA. Even if your KLV balance is insufficient, your transaction will proceed smoothly. Experience it now!

To activate KDA fee payments, open XPort.app, toggle “Pay Fees with KDA,” and choose the asset for fees. Your selected KDA token covers all transactions. Plus, your chosen payment method stays active even when you exit the app — no constant re-enabling!

We’re actively implementing cutting-edge tech on KleverChain! Upcoming updates will introduce features like batch asset transfers, a token details page, a user-friendly KDA management interface, and more. Follow us on social media for the latest news and opportunities!

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