TPORT TRC10 Token Migration: Unveiling XPort Token for the Klever Ecosystem

XPort Lab
2 min readOct 30, 2023

We’re happy to announce a pivotal stride in our unwavering commitment to nurturing our community and advancing our products. We’re now embarking on the migration process of the TPort token (TRC10) into the Klever mainnet. At the heart of this migration lies our foremost objective: fulfilling our obligations to the community and materializing the global vision of TokenPort.

During this migration, we introduce the XPort token, a cornerstone element engineered to manage the entire XPort ecosystem. The highlighter of the importance of this event is the fact that all projects within this ecosystem will become inextricably linked with the XPort token. This synergy is poised to substantially amplify the value and utility of both the token and the broader ecosystem.

The TPort KDA token will be instrumental in facilitating this migration. TPort Token holders will have a choice: an immediate 1:3 exchange ratio for XPort or an option to convert them to TPORT KDA at a 1:10 ratio, with the condition that these tokens will be locked in a staking program for six months before they can changed for an XPort. This exchange ratio has been thoughtfully calibrated to ensure a transition and to recognize the unwavering commitment of our community. We will present an in-depth guide once it’s ready. Keep an eye out for our announcements!

The total XPort KDA token supply will be limited to 100 million, with 2 million XPORT tokens earmarked for migration, incentivizing community development, and strategic marketing endeavors.

To mitigate potential market disturbances during this transition, we’re excited to introduce a special XPORT token staking event with an impressive APR of 20%. It’s important to note that coins engaged in this staking event will be locked in holder addresses for six months. This measure serves the dual purpose of mitigating market volatility and enabling us to refine the requisite infrastructure to give a better experience to our platform users and token holders.

Participation in the staking event offers XPORT token holders a unique opportunity to augment their XPORT holdings without additional investment, rendering it a compelling proposition for our community.

We cordially invite all community members and prospective supporters of the XPort Ecosystem to join us on this thrilling journey. Your involvement and contributions will be instrumental in our collective triumph.

Stay tuned for updates as we traverse this exciting transition, marking a new chapter for our project and community.

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