Join the celebration of reaching the first milestone in the Klever Hackathon.

XPort Lab
2 min readFeb 9, 2024

Summing Up the Second Month of the Klever Moon Mission:

We are pleased to report a significant increase in the number of transactions processed through our addresses. In January alone, we successfully executed 7,888 transactions as part of the rewards distribution for $BLOCK token holders, securing a well-deserved third place and receiving a prize of 1,384 $KFI. The overall tally for the two months of the campaign stands at 1,608 $KFI.

Simultaneously, our achievements in reaching the first milestone of the Klever Hackathon have added an extra 14,640 $KFI. Our strategies involve locking a significant portion of these funds, enabling active participation in the Klever community, including voting on proposals for KleverChain parameter changes. Additionally, we utilize KFI staking rewards to ensure liquidity for the XPORT token. Details of specific plans in this regard will be shared in the near future.

However, we currently have 250 $KFI earmarked for distribution among XPORT token holders.

Distribution of 250 KFI:

We have decided to distribute 250 KFI among early XPORT token holders. If you own XPORT, you can claim a portion of this amount! The upcoming distribution will impact XPORT holders who have staked their tokens.

What do you need to do to participate in the airdrop?

1. You must have a minimum of 100 XPORT in your balance. If your balance is insufficient, you can acquire additional tokens on the ITO XPORT at KleverScan.
2. Freeze your XPORT using the native staking function of the Klever Wallet.

The distribution is scheduled for February 15th of the current year. Stay tuned for updates!

In Conclusion

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your support and participation in our initiatives. Your engagement helps us grow and move forward.

The distribution of 250 $KFI among XPORT token holders is just the first step in strengthening our community. We believe in the power of collective efforts and mutual support.

If you are an XPORT holder, stay tuned for updates and prepare for the upcoming airdrop.

Best regards,
XPort Labs Team.